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           Cell World was founded in 2004 by a team of Talent Technicians
             To Bring up the Smart Phone Field upto higher level  
               to train students in the latest technologies.

We believe that each student deserves individual attention from the faculty and make sure that we deliver in this area as well. We offer students access to our vast resources of software, hardware, and networking manuals. We have tie-ups with local enterprises that help our students get a feel of the work place. This is invaluable to both students looking to join the workforce for the first time and those that took time off from work.

We look upon our students as testimonials to our dedication in the instruction field. Apart from courses for people new , we also offer refresher courses of those who want to brush up their skills in particular areas. We believe in catering to all the needs of students looking to make a mark in the electronic smart phone field.

Tips & Tricks Of Repairing And Maintaining Mobile Phones

Most of the below tips and tricks of repairing, maintaining and servicing mobile phones are very useful and will be very handy when needed.

*  Mobile phone viruses, simple measures to protect yourself
*           How To Repair A Water Damaged Cell Phone
*           Manners and etiquette of using mobile phones
*           Do-It-Yourself Guide to Repair Cell Phones
*           Tips to maintain mobile phones
*            Tips to select and buy a suitable mobile phone

We carry out major and minor repairs of all brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG, etc and also Chinese phones. Our service centre has the latest diagnostic equipment, so we can fully diagnose and repair faulty handsets.

Our team at CellWorld Institute consists of experienced mobile phone repair engineers who will fix any of your basic or complex faults with ease. We even try to repair handsets that have been returned by the authorized service centres of the handset manufacturers.

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  Email us at asgerali.khan@yahoo.com

  website www.umercellworld.com

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